Why Choose Us As Your Personal Debt Collector?

No matter what business you are engaged in whether commercial or consumer, there will always be those errand customers who don’t pay their debts in due time or simply not pay altogether. You send them invoices and they are ignored and not paid, calls made to them go unanswered too. The smartest way to avoid this taunting task is to hire a professional, choose debt collector Singapore as your personal debt collector. We at our agency understand that you have your business to attend to and dealing with such delinquent clients can be very straining on your resources, time and patience. We are effective in debt collection because we have the knowledge and tools to trace and locate those clients who have relocated or changed their phone numbers.

We are professionally and legally legitimate

Debt collector Singapore is a legitimate agency that is credited and upholds the rule of law as required by the legal authority of Singapore. We offer standardized services that would meet your needs with lots of professionalism while adhering to the law. We are also covered by an appropriate insurance company and you are rest assured that you will not be liable to any problem that that would arise in the course of discharging our duty as your personal debt collector. It is also important to note that our agency doesn’t shy away from giving proof of insurance to you to be sure; this always acts as a protection in the likelihood that the client goes to court usually termed as errors and omissions insurance’.

Uphold high integrity

Debt collector Singapore values integrity and we do conform to high standards of customer relations. We are fully aware that the way we handle your clients will directly reflect on your business, therefore when our agency is collecting owed funds on your behalf we always strive to uphold our good reputation while maintaining our good work ethics as this is paramount to keeping clients and winning their trust. Choosing our services is the best thing you could ever do as you will be guaranteed that your debts will be submitted promptly and in good time. This in turn will leave your mind at peace and never to worry about your debt collection giving you enough time to concentrate on your business fully.

Long years of experience

Having been in this industry for many years, Debt collector Singapore debt collector agency has the best professionals in the industry. Our team of experts is exceptionally trained to handle any debt collection related issue with professionalism while maintaining our integrity and the image of our clients company. Our effective methods employed ensure that your most valuable asset, that is your customer, is handled well and we guarantee you that the image of your business will be upheld at all times. You are our client and our asset and that is a priority we pride our self in.

Affordable fees

Our debt collection agency offers the fairest fees in the market; it is worth noting that different agencies charge you differently for their services. We offer a number of fee payment structures that are very flexible and convenient for your needs with no hidden charges at all. A contingent fee structure is the main standard mode of payment we employ, this is the most typical arrangement most preferred by clients and it involves No collection, No Fee’ system were we charge an agreed percentage on the debt collected. In addition, we also do employ a tiered system to suit your preference which in this case it emphasizes on the amount of the debt being owed as well as the age of the particular debt in question.

Clear and straight forward remittance policy

One of the reasons why you should choose debt collector Singapore services for your personal debt collection is their clear and straight forward remittance policy. It is a well-known fact that some unreliable agencies recover funds quickly from debtors and fail to remit the same in a timely manner. Our agency understands the importance of remittance of these funds to your business and therefore we have set down policies to ensure your money gets to you as soon as we collect them. Furthermore, remittance can be agreed to be done regularly on certain predetermined intervals.

Use of Technology

Due to the world of changing technology, our agency is not left out and has diligently embraced these new changes to the later. We offer our clients an online access and are able to conveniently check the status of their accounts as well as correspond with us in case of any queries arising. This ensures a high level of transparency as you can be able to conveniently view the status of each account and know how much debt has been collected to date as well as any other pending debts yet to be collected. This keeps you in constant update on every aspect of your accounts, this reporting capabilities of our agency makes us the company of choice to do business with.

Offer alternatives if not able to recover your debt

As much as we strive to collect debt from your clients in the most efficient manner, situations arises when debtors become outright defiant and decline to settle their debts. In such unfortunate situations, Debt collector Singapore agency is ready to offer you alternative solutions this is very crucial especially if the debt involved is huge and writing it off will have serious consequences to your business. We have an access to an affordable and respected legal representation that will help us secure legal options to recover your debts promptly.

We offer value added services

Our company is committed to the industry and in the endeavor to provide quality services to our customers, we have specialized training programs that we provide. We also use print media through via informative educational newsletters as well as free webinars. Therefore, if you are looking for personal debt collector services for your business in Singapore, you need not look further, we are the best in the market and your business needs will be met, choose debt collector Singapore agency, it is the best option.