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Creditors and Debtors

There have been many people who have had disrespectful interactions with debt collectors. Many debt collectors use unscrupulous and illegal methods in their retrieval of debts. Many of these methods involve the invasion of personal and private space. There are rules to collecting debt and every debt collector knows them very well but their only intentions are to get their money and as fast as they can get it and in full. These rules should also be known by debtors to help them understand the illegal method of the collector.

The Act

The Fair Debt Collection Act is there to protect both debtors and debt collectors. It outlines the dos and don’ts to effectively settle debts and or make arrangements to finally settle the debts. It protects the debtors from and the illegal practices of some of these debt collectors. It also protects the debt collector from themselves. Some of the practices they enforce are completely illegal and it could cause a business to go under if a debtor reports them and they did in fact do something illegal. They can lose their company and may still not get the debt paid. The act outlines the rules that govern the practices of debt collectors and lenders. It also gives a guideline as to how a collection agency is supposed to do their jobs when colleting from you.

Fair debt collection

Fair Debt Collection Act

Singapore is a country that is built on strict rules. Debt Collection Singapore is aware of the mistreatment of debtors by debt collectors. The procedures of the Fair Debt Collection Act are as follow:

· The act states that all debts are to be handled in a friendly manner on both sides

· The FDCPA provides the best and various avenue for debt collectors to collect their debt

· It also provides help to creditors in establishing late payment charges and actions to get their debts paid in full

· The act help the debtors to pay off your debt without putting up with the unfair treatment

· It offers a variety of different payment options to enable you to pay off what you owe


There are rules involved in debt collecting and as previously stated, debtors need to know these rules in order to protect themselves from illegal and harsh treatment. It would have been easier to know that a debtor should contact you only during normal business hours. You could have then reacted with extreme predigest. Normal business hours are from 8 am in the morning and before 9 pm in the night. Debt collectors are allowed to call you at work but if told by your employer not they shouldn’t.

Intimidations, pressuring and threating are procedures that by all means should never be used a tactics by debt collectors. Those practices are illegal in any and every aspect of any business. Any kind of loan sharking procedures are not allowed and they are illegal. It is a demand by law for a debt collector to clearly identify themselves and clearly state the exact amount you owe and they intend to collect. Their identity should be revealed at the beginning of any debt related argument they engage you in.

Sending a letter to them asking them to stop contacting you in relation to a particular debt should stop the debt collector from calling and harassing you. This is a very vital aspect of debt collection that debtors need to fully understand. The only contact you and these debt collectors should have after you sent that kind of letter is the next steps they are going to take to ensure they get debt paid in full.

The act helps you to understand you rights when it comes to debt collecting. You should make a complaint against any company you feel deliberately kept information from you concerning your rights in terms of paying off your debt. To stay on top of this situation it is advisable that you keep all the documents and records of your conversation and communications with said company.

It is good to know that if and when a collector calls your friends and family member they are only allowed to ask about your whereabouts or contact information and they are not allowed to give out details about why they are looking for you. The information they have about you and the business arrangement you have with a particular company. It is not their place to discuss the nature of the business they have with you.

Responsibility of a debtor

As a debtor you have to remember that you were the one that took these people’s money and taking things without paying for them is called stealing and it is also against the law. If you borrow money, you should pay it back. Paying back your debt is a responsibility that you will need to take of when the time comes. With the Fair Debt Collection Act, if there is a situation where you might not be able to pay the money you owe in full this act ensure you are not treated harshly by collectors and may help in you and the collector coming to some kind of payment arrangement that you will be better able to or can afford to pay an the time deadline agreed upon by you.


Creditors want their money fist, so if you communicate with them and not hide from them it is more than likely they will work with you to ensure that you are able to pay off your debt in full. Debt collector may sometimes use underhanded tactics when collecting debts but it is still the responsibility of the debtor to pay back what they borrowed. A lot of these company needs these debt paid so that they can help someone else in a similar fashion they helped you. The first step to solving you debt collection problem is to call the company you owe and discuss any and all options available to you to help ensure you can and do pay your debt in full.

It is imperative that debtors know that they are responsible to repay their debts and that collectors know that some of their methods are illegal and can lead to serious problems for them and their company.

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